Monday, May 11, 2015

The New and Improved Five Strand!!

Now that finals are finally over I decided to make a celebratory challah... also known as the challelujah challah. After a long stressful week of finals and a few break downs (not gonna lie), I decided that the best way to destress would be with some challah. This week I made my favorite challah combination of Nutella and white chocolate chips. To spice it up a little I attempted a new version of the five strand braid. You can tell that our challah making skill have clearly improved over that last three years by looking at the comparison for summer 2012 and 2015!

                                         June 2012                                                          May 2015

Back in the day when we first started making challah we attempted to make a five strand braid. Recently we figured out a new and MUCH prettier way to make a five strand challah. Here is the new and improved version with a step by step walk through. Hopefully its not too confusing! Think about it as making a regular three strand braid where one strand transfers to the other side.

 June 2012                                             May 2015

Step 1: Lay all your strand out on the counter and gather them together at the top

Step 2:  Start by looking at strands 3, 4, and 5 and braid them like a regular three strand. Put strand 5 over 4 and then strand 3 over 5.

Step 3: Now look at only strands 1, 2, and 5 and braid them as you would a three-stand braid. Place strand 1 over 2 and strand 5 over 1.

Step 4: Using strands 1, 3, and 4 repeat the same steps and make a three-strand braid. (4 over 3 and 1 over 4) Now the other side will include strands 2, 5, and 4.

Repeat the same process of braiding a three-strand braid and then switching to the other side.

Continue until there you do not have enough to braid anymore. Gather the strands together and tuck the ends underneath what was already braided.

It took approximately 25 minutes for the challah to be cooked evenly throughout.